The Gift of Commitment

The song on the radio was singing ”May all your Christmas  wishes come true.”

This brought me back to the Christmas of my 13th year. Under the advice of my mother I posted my Christmas list on the fridge and my friends and family divided up the list and I received everything on my list.

All my Christmas wishes come true.

This made me consider why Christmas was so impactful for me. What my friends and family were telling me by giving me those gifts was that I mattered to them, that they loved and cared about me reaching my goals. It was a commitment to me. Resulting in me having the best year.  It led me to ask the question…

What if we reconsidered the act of gift giving?

We often give gifts because we want to give  of  ourselves. A representation of our love and appreciation for the recipient of the gift.

What if it was all of that and  more?

What if giving a gift meant that you were making a commitment for the year that you would love and support the goals of the person receiving your gift?

What if  your presence was added to the present?

What a gift that would be!

What if receiving gifts meant that there are people in your corner and the gift was a reminder of this truth?

We could face the coming year journeying toward our goals on the way to becoming who we are meant to be knowing we had help.

I am going to do this! Along with my gift I am going to tell the reciever that “ I am making a commitment to you to help you and I care about your goals and about you getting to where you want to go this year. Also, I am going  to help you have fun and not be so results focused.I offer you myself as well as my gift. This gift is to remind you that I am there for you”.

I imagine looking at the gifts you have( many or few) knowing that you had a circle of support that was committed to your success.

Even if we can’t afford gifts for everyone we  wish to  this year we can still make a  Christmas commitment to them!

A Christmas Commitment gift…. What a Christmas this could be! Wishing you the best Christmas ever!


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