Unique, At-Home Body Weight Workout

Feeling ready for a mid-week workout? Well then you've come to the right place! Here's what's on tap for your bodyweight, at-home workout today if you're looking for a few fresh ideas and something different!

Put 20 minutes on the clock and complete the following:

Bear Crawl: 20-30 crawls forward & back

Clock Bridge Reach: 4x around the clock (a great one if you sit a lot! a good opener)

Fire Hydrants: 15x/side ("No glutes, no glory!")

Sit Through Kicks: 10x/side, playing with tempo (works so many muscles, feels different fast and slow!)

Dead Bug: 20x total (10x/side) (core, core, and more core)

Give it a shot and let me know how you do! Something different to get you moving in new ways - more work on the ground and more work for your body that gets you moving in more than one plane of motion and hits multiple muscle groups! Remember, movement of any kind is valuable, but make sure you check with your doctor before making any major adjustments to your fitness routine. Have fun, move well and let me know what you think of the workout on Twitter or Facebook!

Live well & be well, friends!


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