Bonnie's Philosophy: One Step At A Time

Tree climbing, walking on the beach, laughing with friends, swinging kettle bells or swinging your hips in a Zumba class…anything can be fitness and movement is found everywhere! How do you view exercise?

My name is Bonnie Lang, and I’m a personal trainer in Calgary where I love helping others see fitness all around them. Looking back on my life, it’s clear that I always loved to move. I remember “training” for a sprint triathlon when I was maybe 11, swimming “laps” in our round, dough boy pool (which was maybe 1 or 2 strokes wide), then hopping on my bike for a lap around the block and a run up and down our cup de sac. We had a gang of kids in our California suburb who I would wrangle together and get to do obstacle courses in the backyard, and later I ran cross country and tried my hand at rugby for a year in university. I’ve always liked movement and now, years after my California days, I’m enjoying motivating people inside the gym so that they can live better outside the gym! In a nutshell, I am an ACSM certified personal trainer, a born motivator and a fun-loving adventurer.

My fitness philosophy as a personal trainer is that if you can practice it and gain strength inside the gym, you can live better outside of it. Having worked in big box gyms, as a mobile trainer in clients' homes, and in a private, corporate gym setting, I now train as a contractor at CityFit in Calgary. I help motivate others toward healthy life change with a supportive approach to challenging workouts. I like to share my workouts, tips and tricks on my blog and am excited to share them with you too! 

My top two tips I would leave you with today are simple, as I believe fitness and healthy eating should be:

Do what you can, when you can. This goes for both nutrition and movement. Some days, you might only have time for a 20 minute workout, a brisk walk around the block, or some conscious deep breathing before jumping into your day. Don’t set yourself up to fail but do what you can, when you can and celebrate each decision you make!

Work on one change a day for a week. Maybe it’s focusing on your breakfast on Monday, and trying to eat a healthy breakfast Tuesday and Wednesday too. Soon all your breakfasts will be healthy and you can work on adding in a healthy lunch. One step at a time, making change stick and staying consistent. 

I look forward to interacting with you more as readers around Calgary and maybe I’ll see you in my gym or outside on a trail! Live well & be well,


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