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I had the privilege of being invited to attend a Power Align Yoga with Tanya Lee at Enlight Yoga and Wellness. I had no idea what I was getting into so that I could provide you with an unadulterated review of my experience.

The Teacher

Tanya is an enthusiastic, engaging, and fun instructor. She takes the time with every move to explain it for beginners, intermediate, and advanced yogis. No one is left behind in her class; it was nice and refreshing not to be stuck in child’s pose for the more difficult movements.

The Class

Tanya started off with a discussion about why each of us in the class does yoga, what we get from yoga, and why breathing is so important. I’m not going to spoil the fun and tell you why breathing is so important, attend the class and find out for yourself, it’s worth it. The beginning of the 90-minute class is used for warming up with hip opening and core movements. Followed by core (power) aligning movements, a gentle stretch, and relaxing cool down. This class combines vinyasa flow and restoration, two of my favorite types of yoga.

The Studio

The studio is located at 1138 10 Avenue SW (10th Avenue and 11th Street SW), across from the Downtown Calgary Co-op grocery store. There is ample parking in the lot on the right side of the building on the weekends, and plenty of street parking as well. Enlight features changing rooms, storage cubbies, two well-situated studios, both with cushioned flooring (no sore bums here), and no pesky poles hindering your view of the instructor. The rooms can be hot or warm depending on the class, and Enlight offers childcare for some of their registered classes.


Having taken tons of different types of yoga classes with different instructors it becomes clear very quickly if you’re going to love or only like the class. I LOVED this class, Tanya is the kind of instructor you could have for every type of yoga class out there, and the Enlight studio is very comfortable. Thank you again for the invite, I’ll be back….

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