FeelGood Calgary's foundation is in helping Calgarians find qualified health and wellness practitioners to assist them in raising their quality of life and improving their overall well-being.

Being healthier and happier—even just a little bit—is a goal for most Canadians. At FeelGood Calgary our goal is to help Calgarians connect with the right people to help them achieve this goal, while supporting and building our local health-minded community.

Our website is the ultimate resource for finding, connecting and interacting with local health and wellness professionals like personal trainers, nutritionists, and therapists. Browse the profiles of local wellness-focused businesses, find discounts, share your inspirational stories with others and read about the personal journeys and victories of others in areas like weight loss goals, overcoming addiction or simply changing their lifestyle for the better.

Besides finding health and wellness professionals, FeelGood also features services and facilities that are a little bit less conventional in the health and wellness realm. We recognize that activities like visual and performing arts, cooking classes, laughter clubs, local museums and support groups all play a role in improving and enhancing our everyday lives and want you to be able to find the activities that will put a smile on your face quickly and easily.

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