The Oneness Approach

FeelGood Calgary organizes community events, small expos, trade shows, workshops, seminars, classes and presentations with the goal of educating and informing Calgary’s health-curious community about the myriad resources available to them. It’s our hope that every participant leaves our events with tangible help as well as a dose of inspiration. Each Feelgood Calgary event uses the oneness approach; addressing participants’ physical, social, mental and emotional needs.


Move Your Body

Let’s get physical! At FeelGood, we encourage attendees to participate in myriad styles of movement and interaction. Everything can be modified to accommodate beginners to the very advanced. No experience in a particular discipline, no problem—that’s part of the fun. From a full-body aerobic workout, to low-key stretching or yoga, there’s always something new, challenging and active to do.


Learn Something New

Come in curious and leave with a whole new perspective. Come in questioning and leave with answers. Our events are geared to helping improve you and the community you live in. The end goal is to help you learn and grow.


Meet Your People

More so than ever we need to value human connection. You already know the people you meet at FeelGood events already share similar interests to you—you both want to feel good and excited about life! This is an opportunity to make new connections, find accountability partners and maybe even new friends.


Exercise Your Mind

There are times for stimulation and times for relaxation. At FeelGood we offer plenty of both. Thinking critically allows you to sharpen your thought processes and expand your horizons—a healthy mindset is the key to human success, after all. Whether we’re delving deeply into a hot health topic or working on techniques for easing a racing mind, take the knowledge learned home with you, reflect on it and start applying it to your day-to-day.


Enjoy Yourself

This one practically speaks for itself. When’s the last time you switched things up and had some fun?

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